Dazzleedu pursuits education using board games so that everyone can feel the joy of learning

Greetings from CEO

Dazzleedu Co., Ltd. is making fun and exciting board games to create the future of education.

The pursuit of joy is human nature, and all the children have it. Dazzleedu Co., Ltd. has created different kinds of board games so that students can joyfully have experience in achieving goals of curriculum education, character education and moment education, feeling the joy of learning. It is the leading company in software education without a computer.

Dazzleedu has a variety of board game line-ups including the board games for unplugged education, which is learning software without a computer, so that not only adults but also preschoolers can understand what coding is.

The company specialized in education will nurture global talents beyond Korea. You can play the board games of the company with everybody around the world because you need only simple communication ability to play the game. Therefore, the company is devoting its effort to make the board games that go beyond the education of Korea and become the worldwide hit in the global education market.

Dazzleedu will become the genuine education company that makes education happen from games. The company will keep studying and developing various ways to learn with joy, not with standardized and typical educational programs, and it is going to create the educational world with various board games and education programs, making everyone there excited and joyful.

Dazzleedu Hyeon-hee Lee, CEO